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World War I Centennial Projects

By Donna Crisp, RAdm (Ret)

TIfPI member Donna Crisp is involved in the World War I Centennial projects. She keeps us updated on the news and events. 

WWI Centennial is approaching. What was going on in March 1917 leading up to the 6 April declaration of War. Debate sharpens.  German submarines sink US merchant ships.   Zimmerman Telegram denounced as a forgery but, was later verified as real. 

Zimmerman Telegram

This secret diplomatic message was issued from the German Foreign Office in January 1917 that proposed a military alliance between Germany and Mexico in the event of the United States' entering World War I against Germany. Germany promised Mexico the lands lost such as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Learn more about the Great War Project.

War in the Sky

Red Baron came to US during the Civil War to test his air balloon theory in warfare.   Red Baron finds someone to finance his balloon ships in 1895 and builds the LZ2. Zeppelin passenger transportation business.  Read about WWI insights into the Red Baron and war in the sky.

Events and Activities 

American Association for State and Local History joins WW1CC Poppy Program 

2017 Illinois World War One Commemoration Events/Activities

U.S. National WW1 Centennial Events Register lists WWI Commemorative events throughout the US 

UK Women in WWI (superb photos!) From maids to mechanics: Incredible pictures of the women who swapped a humdrum life in wartime Britain for service with the Army in World War One.

WWrite Blog

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Tracy Crow Writes about:

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